Making Your Board a Strategic Asset

Communication Skills for Boards. Really?

To kick off the New Year, Jean Pousson, shares some of his experiences of ‘interesting’ communication at Board meetings. I do not profess to be an expert on communication, but the following are simply observations that I have picked up over the years of working with...

Communicate communicate communicate

Covid 19 is first and foremost a human tragedy. To executives and directors: Your staff are worried,anxious,possibly financially stretched,and no doubt fearful on a number of fronts.Be emphatic and sympathetic and above all keep communicating. Put yourself in their...

Innovation under Covid 19

The UK Supreme Court now operates almost 100% online,doctors’ consultations are being carried out more online freeing valuable time in their surgeries,the public sector is ditching legacies of bureaucratic processes because of the pandemic,the private sector has...

Good governance is not just for big organisations

There is an interesting article by Estelle Clark (Executive Director of Policy at the Chartered Quality Institute) in this month’s IoD magazine ‘Director’. The article is about the benefits of quality governance but she makes the point that...

Business Card

Will the business card(initially a french invention)survive in an age of social media?  

The costs of cyber crime

There seems to be an ever-increasing problem with our exposure to cyber crime. As directors, we need to ensure that the boards we sit on take this problem seriously because the costs are potentially catastrophic. In just one area alone, that of identity fraud in the...

Diamonds and profits are for ever

De Beers appointed ad agency N W Ayers in 1938 to convince Americans that a diamond ring was the best symbol of love and a pre requisite to a happy marriage. The rest as they say is history.  

Call for diversity on all FTSE boards

The weekend press reported that a government-backed report will within the next week propose that FTSE companies should have at least one non-white director on the board by 2021. We will provide an update when the details are announced.