Making Your Board a Strategic Asset

Why would I need coaching? is a reaction we often get from CEOs and other executives. What is often added are comments like “the Board works well….I am regularly challenged by my Chairman and Non Executive Directors….company is doing great….I have an MBA….”

This is all well and good but coaching type interventions do add another dimension. Executives who have personal coaches or who  join organisations like Vistage, swear by them (Vistage is a US based company where CEOs from non competing industries get together on a regular basis and critique each other, both on a personal level and at a business level).

A coach has nothing to prove. He/she can challenge without fear of recrimination or political backlash and challenge we do!  This is not rehab; this is about getting you to be more effective and for your organisation to flourish as well.

Here are the type of questions that we regularly pose to directors:

What is it like to be led by you?
Would you like you to be your boss?
What key decision(s) did you make during 2011?
What key decision(s) did you fail to make during 2011?
Are you proud of your achievements?
Are you working hard to leave the business in better shape than you found it?
Does the Board have a clear idea of who your successor will be?
What have you learnt during the year?

What have you unlearnt during the year?
Do your people regularly tell you bad news?
Do you know your people well enough that you could buy any of them a £20 present that would blow their socks off?
While away do you need to check your email messages?

If you are ok with the findings, well done!

If not, why not give us a call?