Making Your Board a Strategic Asset


Have you tested your strategy lately? Why not?

Online Strategic Health Check

This has been designed by experienced practitioners with decades of experience in working with numerous organisations across a range of sectors including the public and third sectors.

Your organisation can now carry out its own Strategic Health Check.

We would strongly recommend that this exercise is carried out by as many personnel as logistically possible. Input from trusted stakeholders should also be considered, for example key suppliers and customers.Views from outside the Boardroom can be very illuminating.

What is it?

The Strategic Health Check is an online questionnaire which is completed by Board members, key management and staff and trusted stakeholders where appropriate. There are over 100 questions about various aspects of strategy from creation to implementation. The responses are analysed by our team, and we report back to you with a clear assessment of your overall strategic health, and your strengths and weaknesses.

Why is this necessary?

Companies with clear strategies with ‘buy-in’ from all the key stakeholders are those most likely to be successful and achieve their short and long term goals. There are many examples of company failures or difficulties caused by a wrong strategic choice or poor implementation of strategy. In most cases this is preventable. Every organisation, no matter how successful it is, needs a strategic health check from time to time.

How was this developed?

This is the result of many years work by our experienced consultants who have worked on strategy and strategic and board issues with a multitude of different organisations, both in the UK and internationally.
What topics are covered? The questions cover a full range from analysis of external environment, changing industry dynamics, competitors, internal capabilities, strategic choice, links to customer and shareholder value, risk management, implementation and the Board’s role in setting the strategic agenda.

What benefits will it bring?

The results will address any issues about the current and/or future strategy and will also look critically at the process of strategy creation, ie how strategy actually happens within the organisation. It will provide the Board with a clear view of ‘where we are now’ and the basis for effective future strategy development.

How do we complete it?

The process is straightforward – each participant logs on to a confidential online portal at a time to suit them. It then takes no more than 30 minutes to complete the multiple choice questionnaire. Your team is given a timeframe in which to complete the questionnaire and results are delivered to you in an easy to read report format within 2-3 weeks of completion.