Making Your Board a Strategic Asset


“Even Cupid needs an archery lesson from time to time”

At BEL we do not run open programmes or conferences, but we specialise in working with businesses to design development interventions as required by the Board, directors and senior management. All of our offerings will be delivered on a bespoke basis and the duration will entirely depend on the identified needs. These will vary from a ninety-minute presentation (eg a strategy masterclass to the Board” to a full blown three-day programme. Virtual deliveries in the form of Webinars can also be delivered.

The following will give you an idea of what we can offer, but in every instance, we will work very closely with our allocated sponsor, to tailor the content to ensure an enriching and practical learning experience.

Do give us a call for more information and an early free diagnostic.

Director and the Board. What is expected of you

Becoming a director is no longer an honour. The position is full of duties and responsibilities that even long-serving directors may be unaware of. In truth, no one teaches you to be a director. It is a bit like parenting, you can read the books, listen to the voice of experience, but nothing will prepare you for that exciting challenge.

Finance Awareness

Every decision in business has a finance impact and every director needs to be comfortable with their understanding of finance matters. Blind faith on the Finance Director/Chief Finance Officer will not help in any Courts of Law. As a director with collective responsibility, you are expected to contribute to all Board discussions and not be an interested spectator when the FD/CFO goes through the finance papers.


One of the primary aims of a Board is to set the strategic direction of the organisation. Sounds simple enough?Except that businesses constantly get into difficulty and very often this is against a backdrop of frothy economic conditions. Was the Board inept? This hard to believe as many directors tend to be intelligent, hardworking and ethical individuals.

Board and director effectiveness

The board creates the tone at the top of the organisation. Board decision making and individual and collective behaviour all reinforce perceptions of what really matters and what is valued.

Achieving Sustainable Change

The programme is designed for those who are embarking on a change programme or those wishing to review an on-going programme.

Effective decision-making and group dynamics

This programme is intended for those wanting to review whether the Board or Senior Executive could be a more effective decision-making body, or for those wanting to address a particular concern.