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Director Development

Achieving Sustainable Change

The programme will adopt a workshop format developing a specific change management programme; it will not be a theoretical exercise. The support offered will dovetail with the needs of the client and can cover setting up the programme, and where appropriate, supporting the company through the implementation and / or monitoring process.

This programme can be supported as shown below. The precise support required, and the manner in which it is provided, will be discussed in advance.


A. A two hour presentation covering the characteristics of an effective change management programme supported by some case histories.

B. A series of sessions to address each of the questions posed. This could be done during a two day workshop, in an a series of half-day workshops to fit in with your various commitments.

  1. What has prompted the need for change?
  2. Who are the stakeholders with a vested interest?
  3. What must be achieved for the stakeholders to consider the change a success?
  4. What must be delivered to secure that success?
  5. How will the deliverables be achieved?
  6. What must be in place for the change to be sustainable?

C. Providing mentoring support to the manager of the change management programme, or to the task force set up to manage the programme.

D. A workshop to review an on-going programme. An outline of the programme and any progress report would be requested in advance of the workshop so that this could be focused appropriately.

E. A review of progress where a change management programme seems to have lost momentum. For example, staff throughout the organisation have not yet grasped the nature of the change, nor their own role in fulfilling it.

F. Scheduled meetings to review the programme progress so that the focus and timetable are maintained, and appropriate modifications made where the feedback suggests the programme needs to be adjusted.

In all cases the details and costing of any intervention would be discussed and agreed in advance.