Making Your Board a Strategic Asset

Director Development

Board and Director Effectiveness

The board creates the tone at the top of the organisation. Board decision making and individual and collective behaviour all reinforce perceptions of what really matters and what is valued. Effective boards develop their understanding of how actions are perceived by others and their impact on each other, the organisation and their wider stakeholders. Building that awareness as an individual or as a board involves agreeing and delivering a tailored development agenda, focused on practical and pragmatic insights. Workshops, facilitated discussions, coaching and mentoring are all effective approaches, often used in combination. These approaches can be delivered virtually or when physically co-located.

The agenda is often drawn from the following topics

Business leadership:

  • The changing leadership environment
  • Understanding strategic context
  • Director behaviour and culture
  • Director behaviour and governance

Your leadership approach:

  • Developing Situational Intelligence – strategy, situation, strengths
  • Understanding and applying your strengths
  • Leadership styles and their appropriateness
  • Recognising and modifying your personal brand 

Board dynamics

  • The effective board – enabling governance
  • Developing effective strategic decision making
  • Creating common purpose and ethos
  • Recognising and addressing tensions