Making Your Board a Strategic Asset

Director Development

Effective decision-making and group dynamics

This programme is intended for those wanting to review whether the Board or Senior Executive could be a more effective decision-making body, or for those wanting to address a particular concern, eg

  • Accelerating the integration of a new member
  • Gaining genuine commitment to decisions and ensuring that they are implemented throughout the organisation
  • Establishing organisational priorities so that the expertise of the organisation is not spread too thinly
  • Facilitating the involvement of all the Board and / or Senior Executive so that all contributions are valued
  • Recognising that some individuals are focused on their own resolution and are unprepared to consider the ideas of others
  • Developing a no blame culture

The programme will be designed to on the specific aspects of decision-making you wish to address.

When decisions are not implemented it raises the question ‘Was there genuine commitment to the decision, or merely acquisition?’ Genuine commitment requires a clear articulation of:

  • The action required and the timetable for delivery
  • Naming the person responsibility and accountable for the action
  • Identifying what will be achieved as a consequence of the action

The programme will explore how the key decision-makers work together, and the extent to which the decisions reached are clear, consistent, and understood by the organisation. It will seek to identify the pitfalls that undermine decisions, and work with the team to identify ways to improve the effectiveness and behaviour of the decision-making group.

Recognising the pattern of your decision-making, and the opportunities to improve it, will enable you to provide more effective leadership to the organisation. Instead of staff not understanding what is expected of them, or feeling that what they are being asked to deliver is impossible, they will feel they play an active role in securing the success of the business.

You may want to consider the decision-making process and how your current approach could be improved. Alternatively you may want to look at the unique decision-making pattern of each individual in the group and to understand the aggregate impact this has on the decisions taken.