Making Your Board a Strategic Asset

Director Development

Director and the Board. What is expected of you

Becoming a director is no longer an honour. The position is full of duties and responsibilities that even long-serving directors may be unaware of. In truth, no one teaches you to be a director. It is a bit like parenting, you can read the books, listen to the voice of experience, but nothing will prepare you for that exciting challenge.

Assembling a team of highly paid, intelligent, and hard-working directors onto a Board, does not guarantee that the Board will operate efficiently. Like families, Boards can often be dysfunctional and fail in their overall remit.

The following is a list of topics that could be covered

Duties and responsibilities of a director

The legal bit

Fiduciary duties

The Corporate Governance environment

Director competences. Do you have what it takes?

What makes a good director?

Do’s and don’ts

Induction and training

Non-executive director.Roles and contribution

Director disputes and dismissals


Role of the Chair

Role of the company secretary

Role of the Board

Ethics and social responsibility

Board meetings management

Improving Board dynamics

The reality in the Boardroom

Why Boards malfunction

Managing conflicts

Assessing Board performance

Conducting a Board evaluation

The Power of diversity

The Audit Committee

The Nominations Committee

The Remuneration Committee